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Saturday March 29th, 2008 - 10am.

I returned 'home' to the aiwaves of The Bear. 1504 Merivale Road - the place where it all started for me ...from the AM days of 54Rock to the early years of the Bear.

It feels good to be back

The brief return of The Real Darren Stevens Show to the Ottawa airwaves

It had been over 10 years since I was last on the air in Ottawa , however on December 10th, 2007 "The Real Darren Stevens Show" returned to the Ottawa airwaves weekdays afternoons on CHEZ-FM.

It was a classic rock music intensive show injected with a lot of personality, an unpredictable mix of comedy bits, guests and lots of listener interaction.

It was a ton of fun, but was kind of short-lived.Just when things were starting to get going, the station pulled the plug on it.The final show ran on Wednesday February 20, 2008

Here are some audio clips from my brief return to the airwaves of Ottawa

The December 10, 2007 3pm sign on:

Or if you want, here's the full December 10th, 2007 show:

The Groverfield parody:

And the accompanying download it & print it off yourself Collector's Edition wall poster:

The time I snapped & lost it...uttering the 2 words I thought I would never say on the air:

Some of my Real Stupid News segments:

And, just a whole bunch o' crap from the show...if you are bored:

the Winternude show:

Last, but not least...
The...rather cryptically foreshadowed final show February 20th, 2008:

And another accompanying download it & print it off yourself Collector's Edition wall poster:

The Real Darren Stevens Show : TV Show

These days, it seems everyone has a TV show.

Well, everyone except me! Why not me?

It was a simple enough question - "Can I have a TV show?"

Well, that was in 2003!

After getting bounced around from network to network, getting nothing but rejection after rejection…things like 'you're not good enough" and "you really have no talent".

That may be true, but I think it's time to take matters into my own hands…time to tap into satellite uplink signals, the internet - to do whatever it takes and pirate the airwaves with…The Real Darren Stevens Show

What did you expect me to call it?

It's TV for those with a short attention span …like me.

It's outbursts of gritty, no holds barred, in your face comedy sketches, parodies & whatever else I can throw together. Racy, raunchy, risque...and yes very stupid & childish at times, it is what it is.

Here's how you can help make The Real Darren Stevens Show one of Canada's most talked about and most watched TV shows – that's not on TV!

Short 'webisode' segments of The Real Darren Stevens Show half hour TV pilot have now been posted on Funny Or Die and also on youTube. Just search for The Real Darren Stevens Show ...or you can find them posted below.

Warning that these webisodes contain mature subject matter and content which may be offensive to some...and funny to others. Even though these shows have been tested on hillbillys & small rodents, viewer discretion is advised.

Watch them, Rate them, Write comments

& share them with your friends

See what network & cable TV were afraid to show you.

Note: On youTube, one segment had over 65,000 viewings with lot's of positive comments, when youTube pulled the video for 'violation of content regulations'. However, due to popular demand as of September 2007, the video has been reposted on youTube.

Here it is.....
The TV show that can't be shown on TV !!!

Webisode 1:

Webisode 2:

Webisode 3:

Webisode 4:

Webisode 5:

Webisode 6:

Webisode 7:

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Darren Stevens
Tijana Popovic
Shantelle Canzanese
Tiana Struthmann
Renee Manning
Chris Liedtke
Keith Jalbert
Jill Quinn

Written by Darren Stevens with assistance from Renee Manning

Directed by Justin Dyck & Darren Stevens

Music: John Eaton & Pete Boynton

Make-up: Sarah Marshall

Audio FX: Chris Liedtke

Open & Closing Audio billboards: Derek Welsman

Production Assistants: Greg Allen, Linda Lebreton, Martin Chiarot & Keith Jalbert

Produced 2003 - 2004